Alaska | Chugach Heli-boarding

  • Mountain guide preparing a helicopter landingzone on a mountain peak in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska
  • Snowboarders dropped off by helicopter on a peak in the Chugach Mountains in Valdez Alaska.
  • snowboarding in chugach alaska

Chugach Range, Valdez – Alaska:
Alaska’s Chugach Range is the epicenter for heli-boarding and┬áskiing in Northamerica. We went here in April to shoot a feature for Euroman Magazine. The Chugach mountains are steep, up to 55 degrees, but of course not all runs are like this. Proper landing zones are far in between, so most of the time you end up jumping out of the bird while hovering over a narrow ridge and just digging in. The scenery is spectacular, with a sea of glaciers covering the valley floor and jagged peaks sticking out everywhere. Bagging a few first decents and numerous well known runs, we returned with a nice selection of photos for our story.

Client: Euroman Magazine