Welcome to Soren Egeberg Photography

Nature is a powerful place, and I have made it my mission to show how we interact with nature to gain great experiences on natures terms. Creating powerful images of people playing in all types of natural environments, motivates me to constantly get out and experience the elements with my camera in hand. As a result, I have travelled the world with adventure sport athletes on surf trips to remote breaks and skiing in cold inhospitable places from the Andes to the Himalayas, with the sole purpose of producing authentic photographs and great stories for international magazines and commercial clients.

Almost two decades ago, as the adventure industry started booming, I was given the opportunity to make a living as an adventure and outdoor lifestyle photographer by companies and publications who saw the value in my photography and stories to promote their products. Discovery Channel allowed me to follow and document their Eco-Challenge from Morocco to Patagonia. Helly Hansen provided access to climbing big mountains with solo-Everest summiteer Goran Kropp, while collaborations with ski film production company RAD Films resulted in worldwide skiing adventure from Alaska to the icy interior of Greenland.

Expanding my skillset to documenting the underwater world as a photographer and filmmaker gave me access to a whole new dimension of image making and physical pursuits. Spending time in Southeast Asia opened a whole new world of exotic locations with mindblowing scenery just begging to be documented.

Today my experience and local networks from the high arctic to the hot tropical regions allow me to produce powerful authentic images no matter what the job requires in terms of talent and locations. I am looking forward to working with you and create great visual stories together.

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